Anna, one of the one characters in the movie.

Last week I went with a friend to see Disney’s much acclaimed ‘Frozen’ in theaters. It was only several days after it had been released, so needless to say it was jam packed with people and children. But, they all had good reason to all want to go to this movie.

Honestly, I feel it was one of Disney’s strongest in a very long time. ‘Frozen’ presented a surprisingly mature story about love, responsibility, and the connection two sisters have that can break through magic, turmoil, and death. Through amazing songs, complex characters and great drama, ‘Frozen’ takes the viewer on a chilly journey that ends up leaving you feel warm inside.

From the commercials, I really didn’t expect this. I don’t know who was working on Disney’s marketing team for this movie, but they did a terrible job at depicting what the movie was about and what it had to offer. Most of the TV spots I saw focused on the ‘actiony’ parts of the movie, and the lovable but strange snowman Olaf’s one liner jokes. But, they left out arguably one of Disney’s most complex, compelling characters in a long time, Elsa, who becomes the Snow Queen in the story. If you’d like to see a trailer, I beg you to look at the longer ones they have on youtube and not the 30 second slap stick humor spots they play on television.

Here’s one that I think does a good job of describing the movie.

With every Disney movie, you expect there to be great music, whether sung by characters or glowing from the background during drama and action. This movie had both and exceeded anything I could have imagined. ALL the songs were good, even the silly one sang by Olaf. The movie was much like a broadway musical (with Idina Menzel, even more so) , with sweeping arias that encompassed the feelings of both Anna and Elsa as they explored their rocky relationship. Many of the songs has traditional Scandinavian flair, which might not be for everyone but I personally love it when Disney gets in touch with the story’s heritage.

My favorite song was ‘Let it Go’, which is sung by Elsa near the middle of the movie. I don’t want to give many spoilers away, but I will give you a link to the song sequence if you want to listen to it. It is a gorgeous song on it’s own but in the context of the movie it is so much more.

Idina Menzel’s broadway voice was perfect for it! The movie was jam packed with songs as strong as this one. If you are a music lover, ‘Frozen’ will probably end up in your car after you buy the soundtrack.

Drama and humor. This movie has both of these. There were few jokes that I didn’t find personally funny myself as a 20 year old, and whenever I laughed I heard lots of children laughing in the audience, too. That is the mark of a good movie, where both adults and children get enjoyment. For every high, joyous point in the film there is also deep, dramatic sequences that are chilling, and uncomfortable. (There was a twist within the plot and I gasped SO loudly!) Spoiler free note: Disney takes a stereotype it created itself, and destroys it. That is why I say it’s an incredibly mature movie on Disney’s part because a lot of the things you ‘know’ happen in a Disney movie end up not becoming so.

If you need any more persuasion, here’s what I say: I love Tangled, and Brave, and I think this movie is better than both of those. ‘Frozen’ is one of the best movies to come out of Disney for a long time, and is a great experience on a big screen.
Ending note: I saw it twice.
Sources: Myself, hahaha.

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