I was poking around the animation news of the week and found a particularly harsh but unsurprising review of Fox Animation’s “Free Birds”, an animated tale of two turkeys going back in time to prevent Thanksgiving from having a tradition of eating them. Many critics have slammed the movie for “shamelessly tapping in” on the holiday line up of movies, which I agree with. As soon as I saw the trailers I knew it would be a disaster.

From the source article, here is what the Daily Nebraskan writer Vince Moran thinks of it:

If this plot sounds overstuffed, it’s because it is. There are about three different stories attempting to establish themselves in the first 10 minutes of the film before it finally settles on the time-travel plot line. When the time-traveling birds arrive in the past, they encounter their ancestors, dressed in Native American garb and war paint, clearly drawing a comparison between the white man’s genocide of the Native Americans and the current state of animal cruelty and factory farming. While this comparison is awkward in itself, this juxtaposition seems like it could be daring and controversial. However, “Free Birds” chickens out, and instead of delving into these topics, glosses over them, problematically ignoring the very themes it raises.

The review continues to call the film sloppy and misguided, as it doesn’t do much in a comedic atmosphere and the whole “adventure” side of it has been rehashed over and over again. A lot of talented actors, such as Amy Poehler and and Owen Wilson, were put into the voice roles but it doesn’t do much. This whole movie makes me frown, just from the sense I’m given in the review. I really, really don’t want to have to sit through the real thing.