Beginning October 25th to November 3rd, the 10th annual London International Animation Festival begins for this year! Animation festivals are really cool things that I hear about and I’ve always wanted to go to them. I read up a little bit about LIAF and it seems like it would be so fun to go to. There are lots of things that can spark your interest, no matter if you’re into gorey, scary animation or simple children’s animations.

There is an opening Gala where you can meet up with filmmakers, chat over fine food, and see the highlights that this festival will feature. From the source article, here are some of the things you can plan on:

Start with the best. To celebrate 10 years of the festival, three special screenings will share the top 10 comedy, sci-fi and horror (on Halloween, of course) animations from the first decade of the festival. You can also dip into themed sessions: Abstract Showcase, Animated Documentaries, Late Night Bizarre and Music Videos. There are Amazing Animations for little kids (0-6) and Marvellous Animations for slightly bigger ones (7-15).

Seems like there is something for everyone. It’s so nice to see these types of things happening, where people come together to celebrate the wonderful mediums CGI, 2-D and 3-D animation can bring us.