I am not the biggest fan of Angry Birds, nor am I bursting at the seams awaiting the movie’s release, however I can appreciate those who are joining the project.  Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly have signed on to be co directors of the 2016 Angry Birds movie.  

Both of them have some good projects to boast about.

From the’s article:

A 19-year Disney employee, Kaytis recently worked as the animation supervisor on the likes of Tangled and was an animator on Wreck-It Ralph, for which he also oversaw the film’s end credits. He served as an animator on the studio’s upcoming Frozen. At Sony since 2003, Reilly has served as storyboard artist on the likes of Hotel TransylvaniaCloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and its sequel, as well as head of story at Sony Pictures Animation.

Rovio, the original designers for the Angry birds app which made them billions, started discussing the production of a movie as early as 2011, and now their dream vision is becoming reality. In addition to working on a movie, they have also started an animated TV series.

I’m glad experienced hollywood animators and storyboarders are on the job; maybe, if they design the movie well enough I’ll be excited to see it. However, I would have liked something a little more artistic..