Animation still from Disney’s 2009 film Princess and the Frog

This has been a topic for more than a couple years. These days with kids movies you see things like Bolt, Tangled, but you don’t see much 2-D animation any more. Disney’s last 2-D project, The Princess and the Frog,  didn’t do as well as expected in theaters.  It only recieved 267 million in the box office, where as the 3-D films Bolt and Tangled both breached 300 million.

A lot of people these days ask themselves where 2-D animation has gone. In this UK movies article, Rachel MacGregor comments on the situation.

Commercially, CGI animations and 3D capabilities are much more viable options for the company to make a profit.

Sadly, this is the true state of how animated movies are seen these days. Kids are more interest, or rather, the adults taking them to the movies seem more interested in something that is 3-D rendered rather than hand drawn 2-D animation. It makes me somewhat sad but I know that in the future 2-D animation will seem more like a luxury to these production companies. I am in no way slamming 3-D animation (I love it, I made a whole blog dedicated to it…) but it is sad to see 2-D animation staggering as an art form. Hopefully it will not be all lost by 2020.