Rough drafts of sequences and animations tests have surfaced of the long dead “Gatchaman” movie, a CGI animation superhero movie which began development in 2003 but was cancelled to the studio, Imagi’s, financial problems.

Imagi Animation studios began production early into the 2000s, with a release for the Gatchaman movie around 2012, but the studio fell into collapse and laid off over 30 of its workers in 2010. It officially shut its doors later that year and worked to become debt free.

Luckily for us, Slash Film got a tip about several bits of the Gatchaman production stages, and they have since gone viral. Here is a roughcut of  an animated sequence for a car chase scene- and it looks pretty cool.

Based off the 1972 anime, Gatchaman is a superhero fantasy set in the future following a team of heroes who fight against a terrorist organization set on destroying the world’s natural resources. I am unfamiliar with the Gatchaman series, both the anime and this movie, but these animation tests make me really disappointed that it never came to fruition. Here is another test sequence that was surfaced on the internet.

Looks exciting, doesn’t it? I find it sad that Imagi couldn’t secure enough funding. Animated films with environmentalist themes have lately become quite popular, including the Lorax, and several of Miyazaki’s films have such themes. However, I am glad that these bits have been revealed through the internet, we get to see an often secretive process of 3-D animation and see bits of it how it would be made. Maybe after seeing these, another production team might take hold!