If you’re like me, DIsney has been a big part of your childhood  and has produced many of the VHS tapes you had in your collection way back when. Since the ground breaking “Toy Story” in 1995, Disney has made the switch from 2-D animation to 3-D. This past August at the Disney Expo, several new details were revealed about the Walt Disney Company’s upcoming projects.

Disney’s Frozen, to be released November 27th, follows Han Christian Anderson’s story “The Snow Queen”. The article states that “Frozen features Kristen Bell voicing Anna, the only person who can save an icy kingdom when she finds her sister, voiced by Idina Menzel. Jonathan Groff voices Kristoff, a man who helps Anna on her quest. ” Disney always has a good flair for voice actors so I’m really excited about this one.

Other upcoming animated films include Big Hero 6, a fantastical superhero movie, and Zootopia, a movie about a world run by talking animals.  Future blog posts will describe these future movies in more depth.